A parameter list does not initialize variables in a chained-to macro

A parameter list initializes variables only in the macro that the end user launches with the parameter list. A parameter list does not initialize variables of the same name that occur in a subsequent macro that the original macro chains to. (For more information on chained-to macros see PlayMacro action (<playmacro> element).)

For example, consider the following situation:
  • The end user starts macro FileDownload with the parameter list strRemoteFile="NewData.123".
  • Macro FileDownload later chains to macro Download01.
  • Macro Download01 also contains a variable named strRemoteFile.
In this situation, when Z and I Emulator for Web prepares to play the chained-to macro, Z and I Emulator for Web doesnot initialize the variable strRemoteFile in the chained-to macro to NewData.123. Instead, as usual, Z and I Emulator for Web initializes the variable in the chained-to macro is whatever initial value is specified in the chained-to macro (either a default initial value or an initial value specified by the macro writer).

Do not confuse the above situation with the transferring of variables that can occur when one macro chains to another. If macro A chains to macro B, macro A can pass all its variables and their current values to B (see Transferring variables). Use this feature to pass values from the calling macro to the chained-to macro.