Storing the data into a global variable ($HMLSQLUtil$)

The default destination for the data resulting from an SQLQuery action is the global variable $HMLSQLUtil$. The Z and I Emulator for Web runtime always updates this variable with the results of a successful SQLQuery action, even when you specify a destination of File or Display in the Output Result To listbox. For example, when you specify a destination of File, then Z and I Emulator for Web:
  • Writes the data resulting from the SQLQuery action into the file you specify; and also,
  • Writes the data into $HMLSQLUtil$.
Consequently, you can both write the data to a file (or display it) and also use the data in the macro, without having to make the same database query twice.

To store data only into $HMLSQLUtil$, expand the Output Result To listbox and click $HMLSQLUtil$.

To use the data stored in $HMLSQLUtil$ in a subsequent macro action, you must invoke methods from the Z and I Emulator for Web Macro Utility library (HML library) associated with $HMLSQLUtil$. See $HMLSQLUtil$.