Sophisticated users

A more sophisticated user can add to or improve a recorded macro using the Host Access Macro Editor (Macro Editor). This tool, which is available by clicking an icon on the session panel, provides a graphical user interface (consisting of input fields, text boxes, checkboxes, and so on) with which a user can modify or add features to each screen interaction with the host application. Besides allowing a user to edit and enhance the macro's screen recognition behavior and user input, the Macro Editor provides features that allow a user to add more intelligent behavior to the macro, such as choosing between alternate paths through an application, skipping a screen that should not be processed, or backing up to a previous screen. And there are more powerful capabilities including the ability to read and process data from the session screen, to notify the operator of status, to prompt the operator for an important decision, to download or upload files from the host, and to automate the printing of application screens.