Advanced parameters

In the Clear Before Transfer field, in most cases you should use true for 3270 Display sessions and false for 5250 Display sessions.

You should set the Timeout field to the number of milliseconds that you want the macro runtime to wait before terminating the transfer. The default is 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds). This Timeout field saves the user from the situation in which the macro hangs because it is trying to transfer a file over a session that has suddenly been disconnected. You might need to use a greater value for very long files or if your connection is slow.

You should use the Options field for any additional parameters that your host requires. These parameters are different for each type of host system. If the host is an iSeries, you should add the following parameters to the Options field:
USERID(myuserid) PASSWORD(mypassword)

You should use the Local Code-page field to select the code page (mapping table) that you want the macro runtime to use in translating characters from the workstation's character set to the host's character set and vice versa. You should select the same code-page number (such as 437) that is specified in the session configuration.