SQLQuery action (<sqlquery> element)

The SQLQuery action is a very useful and powerful action that allows you to send an SQL statement to a host database, retrieve any data resulting from the SQL statement, and then either write the data into a global variable, write the data into a file, or display the data. (A companion action, FileUpload, allows you to send a File Upload command to a host database. See FileUpload action (<fileupload> element).)

You can use the SQLQuery action in any type of Z and I Emulator for Web session that supports macros (3270 Display, 5250 Display, VT Display, or CICS Gateway).

The database server to which you connect can be on a different host than the host running your emulator session.

You can create an SQL statement manually, compose and test an SQL statement using the SQL Wizard, or import an SQL statement either from the current session or from a library of SQL statements.

The SQLQuery action supports only SQL statements of type Select. It does not support SQL statements of type Insert, Update, or Delete.