Assigning the input sequence to a variable

You can have macro runtime store the input sequence into a variable by checking the Assign to a Variable checkbox.

Create a new variable by clicking the <New Variable> entry in the listbox. In the popup window for specifying a new variable, you can specify the name of a variable that the current macro inherits from another macro, or you can specify the name of a new variable that you want to create in the current macro. If you want to create a new variable in the current macro, select the Create variable in this macro checkbox and select the type of the new variable.

The macro runtime stores the input sequence as a string, and consequently you could specify a string variable as the variable to receive the input. However, if the variable is of some other type than string, then the macro runtime tries to convert the input to the data type of the target variable according to the usual rules (see Automatic data type conversion).