Specifying information for the file upload

In addition to the connectivity information required for a file upload (Database URL, Driver Identifier, Driver Class, User ID, and Password, all described in the previous sections), you also need to provide information about the particular file upload operation. This information includes:
  • The name of the table in the host database that you want to modify.
  • The name of the local file containing the data that you want to add to the table in the host database.
  • The type of file upload that you want to perform: create, replace, append, or update.
Also, for two types of file upload, you have to specify additional information: a Field Description Table for a create operation and Key Columns for an update operation. Table 1 summarizes this information:
Table 1. Types of file upload and information required
Type of file upload: Requires name of host table: Requires name of source file: Requires other information:
Create yes yes Field Description Table
Replace yes yes (none)
Append yes yes (none)
Update yes yes Key Columns