Step 5: Using a custom portlet to manage user credentials

Z and I Emulator for Web provides a customized portlet that can be placed on a user page and allows them to update their own credentials in administrative slots. This is particularly useful when a user is required to change their password because it has expired and they no longer remember the current password which is needed to create new credentials.

With this custom portlet, users can update their own credentials in the vault. After the password is reset the user can select the modify Slot radio button. Their credentials are retrieved from the credential vault and presented through the portlet edit mode. The host user ID and two password fields are populated with the current values. The user can now change the credentials by entering the new credentials into the respective fields and clicking Save.

Congratulations! You have taken all the necessary steps to implement Web Express Logon in a Portal Server environment. Your next step is to test the logon automation. If logon automation is not successful, that is, you are still being prompted with the host logon screen, refer to Troubleshooting Web Express Logon.