The CMRequest object is used by CMS to encapsulate all necessary parameters for a plug-in request. The CMRequest interface contains the following members and methods:

  • ID (Host ID or Network ID)
  • Host Application ID
  • Host Destination Address
  • Authentication Type
  • HTTP Servlet request object
public CMRequest()
public CMRequest(String id, String applID, String hostAddr, int authType, HttpServletRequest httpRequest)
public String getID()
public void setID(String id)
public String getHostApplID()
public void setHostApplID(String applID)
public String getHostDestination()
public void setHostDestination(String hostAddr)
public int getAuthType()
public void setAuthType(int authType)
public HttpServletRequest getHttpRequestObject()
public void setHttpRequestObject(HttpServletRequest httpRequest)
public String toString()