Approach 1: Replace the entire CMS with your own custom version of the servlet

This document does not describe how to create a servlet, but the following are resources available to help you:
  • IBM Rational Studio Application Developer: IBM Rational Application Developer is the core development environment from IBM. It helps you optimize and simplify J2EE and Web services development by offering best practices, templates, code generation, and the most comprehensive development environment in its class. For more information, refer to
  • IBM developerWorks: IBM developerWorks is your one-stop developer source. It offers tutorials, training, sample code, CDs and downloads, and more. For more information, refer to
If you decide to replace the entire CMS provided with Z and I Emulator for Web, you will need to use an HTTP parameter for requests and XML-formatted data for responses. Parameters are supplied to the CMS servlet via an HTTP request, and the response information is encapsulated into an XML-formatted object and returned to the caller.