Step 1: Use the Deployment Wizard to create your HTML file.

The Z and I Emulator for Web Deployment Wizard allows you to specify how sessions are defined and managed. You can choose from three different configuration models:
  • HTML-based model
  • Configuration server-based model
  • Combined model
When using the Configuration server-based model and a network security application such as Tivoli Access Manager, you may be accessing your Z and I Emulator for Web pages via a URL such as https://server_name/junction_name/ZIEWeb/myziewebpage.html, where server_name is the name of the machine running Tivoli Access Manager and junction_name is the junction that you create to point to your Z and I Emulator for Web server machine and your HTTP server's port number. If this is the case, Z and I Emulator for Web will try to contact the Z and I Emulator for Web Service Manager to get your user, group, and session information at the server_name rather than at the junction_name. To remedy this situation, edit the file found in the ZIEWeb directory of your Z and I Emulator for Web install directory (\Program Files\HCL\Z and I Emulator for Web\ZIEWeb\ by adding this line at the end of the file content:
where myzieserver is the machine you are pointing to with the junction_name.