D. Add optional CMS-related debugging parameters.

Add the following two optional debugging parameters to help you troubleshoot:

This parameter specifies the name of the log file. The value should be the full path to the log file, for example C:\Program Files\HCL\ZIEForWeb\WEL.log on a Windows platform.
Code example:
   <param-value>C:\Program Files\HCL\ZIEForWeb\ZIEWeb\WEL.log
This parameter specifies the trace level for the CMS. The trace messages are logged to the log file specified by CMPI_TRACE_LOG_FILE parameter. Depending on your Web application server, they may or may not be logged to the console. Trace level values include the following:
  • 0 = None: No tracing. This is the default.
  • 1 = Minimum: Trace APIs and parameters, return values, and errors.
  • 2 = Normal: Trace Minimum plus internal APIs and parameters and informational messages.
  • 3 = Maximum: Trace Normal plus Java exceptions.
Code example: