Conventions used in this book

The following typographic conventions are used in Z and I Emulator for Web Web Express Logon Reference:

Table 1. Conventions used in this book
Convention Meaning
Monospace Indicates text you must enter at a command prompt and values you must use literally, such as commands, functions, and resource definition attributes and their values. Monospace also indicates screen text and code examples.
Italics Indicates variable values you must provide (for example, you supply the name of a file for file_name). Italics also indicates emphasis and the titles of books.
> When used to describe a menu, shows a series of menu selections. For example, “Click File > New” means “From the File menu, click the New command.”
When used to describe a tree view, shows a series of folder or object expansions. For example, “Expand Config Servlet > Sysplexes > Plex1 > J2EE Servers > BBOARS2” means:
  1. Expand the Config Servlet folder
  2. Expand the Sysplexes folder
  3. Expand the Plex1 folder
  4. Expand the J2EE Servers folder
  5. Expand the BBOARS2 folder
top Note
This graphic is used to highlight notes to the reader.
top Tip
This graphic is used to highlight tips for the reader.
top Certificate-based Web Express Logon
This graphic refers to information that is specific to Certificate-based Web Express Logon.