In the age of e-business on demand, finding ways to simplify the user experience while maintaining company security can be a real challenge. For example, many companies would like to decrease the number of IDs and passwords that their users have to manage, but they also realize that allowing users to access company resources without proper identification risks company security.

Several products exist in the marketplace that claim to solve the multiple logon issue and maintain security at the same time. However, these products generally apply to Web-based applications only and do not address logon processes for legacy hosts and host-based applications. In other words, in host-based applications that do not use HTML or XML, automating the logon process requires being able to intercept the telnet data stream. Because of its unique position to work with individual screens and the ability to substitute fields in the data stream, Z and I Emulator for Web is an ideal candidate to address multiple logon issues in companies where users access host systems via browser-based terminal emulation.

Web Express Logon works in conjunction with your company's network security application to maintain company security while allowing users to log on to host systems without having to re-enter their user IDs and passwords. It has several benefits, including the following:
  • Ease of use: Users can log on to their network security application and access host applications without having to re-enter their IDs and passwords.
  • Reduced password-related support calls: Users are less likely to call the company support line because of forgotten or misplaced passwords.
  • Increased productivity: Users can log on only once in an environment that has multiple methodologies for defining user IDs, passwords, and authentications.