Set up a separate user publish directory

Files generated from the Deployment Wizard can be placed in a user-defined directory that is separate from the Z and I Emulator for Web publish directory. This makes it easier to apply future Z and I Emulator for Web upgrades. This solution keeps the Z and I Emulator for Web publish directory read only and provides a separate writeable location for deploying Deployment Wizard files.

For instructions on deploying Deployment Wizard files in a separate user publish directory and for information on other user-modified files that can be placed outside the publish directory, refer to migration instruction of deployment wizard.

You can create and mount a separate file system for the user-defined publish directory. The generated Deployment Wizard zip file are to be transferred to this directory and unzipped by the DWUnzip utility. The Web server needs to include an alias statement specific to the user-defined publish directory.

You can access the page through the URL that specifies the alias of the user-defined publish location. For example, if the publish directory is /usr/lpp/ZIEWeb/publish, and the alias is userpublish, then the URL to access the client page would be http://<servername>/userpublish/<pagename>.html.