Deploying a server macro library to a shared drive

  1. Put your macros in a shared directory on your network.
  2. In the Deployment Wizard Host Sessions window, select the session you wish to configure, click the Configure menu, and select Server macro library. Check the 'Use a server macro library for this session' box and select Shared drive macro library.
  3. Specify the directory path. Examples of valid directory paths include the following:
    • Absolute paths. Mapped network drive letters can also be used in the absolute path. Note that a server macro library should never point to a local drive.
    • Remote computer names or IP addresses are allowed as long as the user's computer is already remotely connected and authenticated to the computer that is sharing the directory. The following are two examples of paths to shared drive macro libraries:
      • \\your_host\macro_library, where your_host is the host name and macro_library is the macro directory.
      • \\\macro_library, where is the IP address of the host and macro_library is the macro directory.
    If you are configuring a macro library for more than one session, and each session uses its own set of macros, you will need to create a separate directory for each session.
  4. Click OK.

When users open their sessions, they can use the Play Macro or the Available Macros windows to see a list of the macros in the directory. These macros are available when users select Server library as their macro location. The Server library location is only available if you have configured the session to use a server macro library.