HTML files do not contain some components

With Java, the default client HTML files (default_xx.html, where xx is the two-letter language suffix) do not contain the following client components:
  • Data transfer
  • 5250 file transfer
  • 5250 host print support
  • Import/export
  • SLP
  • Thai sessions
  • FTP Codepage Converter
  • Bidirectional sessions
  • 5250 Hindi sessions
  • DBCS sessions using user-defined character settings
  • ZipPrint in DBCS sessions

Start of changeThese less frequently used components were removed from the preload list of the Java default download HTML files to shorten download time. However, with the Java client, any component not in the preload list cannot be downloaded later.End of change

If you want some or all of these components to be in the preload list, perform one of the following actions:
  • Use the Deployment Wizard to create a client Java HTML file that contains the components that you need.
  • Use the debug version of the default client (defaultdebug_xx.html, where xx is the two-letter language suffix). The debug version contains all the components. However, the debug version of the default client is larger than the non-debug version.