Using the Deployment Wizard with IBM System i

To use the Deployment Wizard to deploy screens to an IBM System i-based Z and I Emulator for Web server, do the following:

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  1. Start of changeFrom a Windows workstation, map a network drive to /qhcl directory on the IBM System i system that is Z and I Emulator for Web server. Refer to the IBM System i Web site for more information. End of change
  2. Download Deployment Wizard installation image from an already installed Z and I Emulator for Web v2.0 server. Access dashboard.html (for example, and click on Deployment Wizard Installation Image for Windows.
  3. Refer to the installation instructions for installing Deployment Wizard. You can run this without having to install the entire Z and I Emulator for Web server.
  4. Design the custom features and selections.
  5. Save the customized HTML file to the mapped network drive (For example, y:\ProdData\zieforweb\zieweb\myweb).
  6. Use a browser to test out the file (For example,
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