Installing the configuration servlet

Start of changeDuring the Z and I Emulator for Web installation, you can choose to have the configuration servlet installed and configured on i/OS, OS/400, Windows, AIX, Linux, and Solaris for IBM Application Server.End of change

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All Web servers and servlet engines are configured differently. Check your Web server and servlet engine documentation for servlet configuration details on your operating system.
Installing the configuration servlet is necessary only if both of the following statements are true for your Z and I Emulator for Web deployment:
  • You plan to configure Z and I Emulator for Web so that client communication with the Service Manager is necessary (as in the configuration server-based and combined deployment models, if you enable License-Use Counting, or if you use the Redirector).
  • A firewall protects the server(s) on which you plan to maintain session configuration information, and you do not want to open a port in that firewall to give outside clients access to the Service Manager.
By default, the Z and I Emulator for Web clients use port 8999 to access configuration information from the Service Manager. If any of your clients are outside the firewall, the firewall administrator needs to open port 8999 both internally and externally. However, you can avoid opening this port by customizing your clients to use the configuration servlet to access configuration information.