Limitations on using Z and I Emulator for Web in a Eclipse-Plugin environment

Following are limitations not mentioned above on using Z and I Emulator for Web in an Eclipse-Plugin environment:
  1. Sometimes a Z and I Emulator for Web modal dialog can get behind the Eclipse-Plugin shell window. This will happen if Z and I Emulator for Web has a dialog open and the user switches to another application outside of Eclipse-Plugin. User will have to do ALT-TAB to find the ZIEWeb dialog that needs to be acknowledged.
  2. “Confirm On Exit” does not work. The “Confirm On Exit” setting is ignored in the Eclipse-Plugin environment. Since it is not supported, the option has been removed from the session properties.
  3. If a session is launched and a destination address is not configured, the Z and I Emulator for Web applet is able to launch the session properties dialog. In the Eclipse-Plugin environment, users receive a message that a destination address is required but the properties dialog does not open.
  4. GUI elements like Macro Manager, Keypad, and Toolbar can not be added dynamically to a running session. Instead, these items must be enabled using the existing properties in the Preferences section of the session properties.
  5. Option to “Start in a Separate Window” has no meaning in this environment since the session is always in an editor pane. This option is removed from the session properties.
  6. Only a client with debug capabilities is available. Reducing the preload components using the Deployment Wizard Preload Options to make the footprint smaller (with the exception of host codepages and 5250 File Transfer) is not possible.
  7. Client does not automatically update to the new code level. The Administrator needs to re-configure Update Site so that the Eclipse-Plugin platform can install the new plugin/fragments.
  8. Run Applet works only when the applet is packaged in a JAR file and installed on client machines.
  9. IPMON tracing is supported only in the “normal” mode. The “automatic” mode is not supported. On the execution modes of IPMON, refer to the “Overview of IPMON tracing” topic in the online help.
  10. When multiple Z and I Emulator for Web features are installed, the Z and I Emulator for Web plugin displays the list of installed Z and I Emulator for Web features in the configured sessions view to let the user select one feature among them. After one feature is once selected, the user needs to restart WED to select a different feature.
  11. Pressing and releasing the Alt-key throws an exception on the Java console. This is a known problem with the IBM JRE and has been resolved in IBM 1.8 and later.