Using Web Start with HTTPS

If you want to use HTTPS with the Web Start client, the certificate authority used for your secure HTTP connection should come from a well known root authority. When you use Z and I Emulator for Web as an applet and use an HTTPS connection, you are given the opportunity to trust the certificate used for the HTTPS connection if the root authority is not known by the browser. Since Java Web Start runs as an application, this browser facility is not available. The Java Virtual Machine used by Java Web Start contains several root authorities that it trusts. If the certificate that comes from the HTTPS connection has a root authority of one of these authorities known by the JVM, the secure connection can be established. If you want to use a certificate authority other than ones known by the JVM by default, for example, a self-signed certificate, you need to import the certificate into the keystore of the JVM for each of the clients accessing this Java Web Start client. This is required to establish the secure HTTP connection.