Directory Utility

The Directory Utility is a Java application the administrator can use to manage user, group or session configuration information. This information is stored either in the Z and I Emulator for Web default data store, or in an LDAP directory. This utility is only useful in the environment where the Configuration Server-based model is in use. The Directory Utility enables you to add, delete, or update large numbers of users, groups, or sessions in a batch mode environment instead of using the Administration client. The Directory Utility reads an XML ASCII file that contains the following actions to be performed on users, groups, or sessions defined to the Configuration Server:
  • Add, update, and delete groups
  • Add, update, and delete users from groups
  • Add, update, and delete sessions from users or groups
  • List existing users and groups in output files, as products of unique searches
  • List existing users and groups in output files that can be reused as input
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Searches performed with the list action are either user-based (returning user-specific information) or group-based (returning group-specific information). LDAP environments, however, support only user-based searches.
For more information, see Using the Directory Utility in the online help.