Browser-based user interface

The browser-based access of Z and I Emulator for Web gives you a simple way to centrally manage and deploy critical host applications and data. Z and I Emulator for Web uses the power of Java technology to open the doors to your host system whenever you need it, wherever you need it, directly from your browser. Just click on a hyperlink to launch the Z and I Emulator for Web Java applet. This Web-to-host connectivity solution provides secure Web-browser access to host applications and system data through Java-based emulation, so you can take existing host applications to the Web without programming. Because Z and I Emulator for Web is Java-based, its interface has the same look-and-feel across various types of operating environments.

Start of changeOn Windows platforms, the default Z and I Emulator for Web client graphical user interface is based on the Nimbus Look and Feel provided by Java 1.8 and later.
Note: Z and I Emulator for Web portlets inherit the look of their portal server.
End of change