What is Z and I Emulator for Web?

HCL Z and I Emulator for Web provides cost effective and secure browser-based and non-browser-based host access to users in intranet-based and extranet-based environments. Z and I Emulator for Web is installed on a Web server, simplifying administrative management and deployment, and the Z and I Emulator for Web applet or application is downloaded to the client browser or workstation, providing user connectivity to critical host applications and data.

Z and I Emulator for Web supports emulation for common terminal types, communications protocols, communications gateways, and printers, including the following:

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You can use the Java component-based ZIE Host Access Toolkit to create customized e-business applications. This Toolkit contains a rich set of Java libraries and application programming interfaces: Host Access Class Library (HACL), Host Access Beans for Java, and Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) connectors. Z and I Emulator for Web also includes Database On-Demand, which provides an interface for sending Structured Query Language (SQL) queries to IBM DB2 databases hosted on IBM System i7 systems.