This section describes the terminology used throughout this book.
A program written in Java that is referenced in an HTML file. An applet is launched by a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) running in a Web browser.
A program or suite of programs that perform a task or specific function.
default publish directory
The default publish directory is the subdirectory ZIEWeb in your Z and I Emulator for Web server's install directory, for example, c:\Program Files\HCL\ZIEForWeb\ZIEWeb\ on Windows platforms and /opt/HCL/ZIEForWeb/ZIEWeb on AIX, Linux, Solaris, /QHCL/Programs/HCL/ZIEForWeb/ZIEWebon i(as/400), and /usr/lpp/ZIEWeb/zieforweb/ZIEWeb on z/OS platforms.
emulator client
An emulator client is a Z and I Emulator for Web client that launches a terminal emulator session.
separate user publish directory
Provides a separate writeable location for deploying custom HTML files, isolating them from the files provided by Z and I Emulator for Web. This keeps the Z and I Emulator for Web publish directory read-only and makes it easier to apply future Z and I Emulator for Web upgrades.
Note: Other user-modified files (such as custom applets and HACL programs) still need to run from the Z and I Emulator for Web publish directory.
Web Application Server
The run time for dynamic Web applications. Web application server includes support for Java servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), and other enterprise Java application programming interfaces (APIs). A Web application server provides communications, resource management, security, transaction management, and persistence capabilities for Web applications. It also typically includes an administration interface for managing the server and deployed applications.
Web server
A server on the Web that serves requests for HTTP documents. A Web server controls the flow of transactions to and from the browser. It protects the confidentiality of customer transactions and ensures that the user's identity is securely transmitted to the server.
Web Start client
The Web Start client allows users to run Z and I Emulator for Web sessions without a browser. Users start Z and I Emulator for Web sessions from the Java Web Start Application Manager.