Work with ZIE Server status

Start of changeTo determine whether the Service Manager is running, it needs to be checked whether the Java program NCServiceManager , which is started by the script, is running or not. Therefore, the method to check the server status might vary according to the method used to start the service manager.End of change

Start of changeIn the example above, the Service Manager is started by submitting a job to run the script. Hence, the you can perform following two ways to check the status:
  1. Use the WRKACTJOB command to review the status :
    1. Enter the command:
      This provides a list of active jobs.
    2. In the Work with Active Jobs menu, the Z and I Emulator for Web service manager job gets listed with the function name JVM-NCServiceM. Use the PageDown or PageUp button to scroll down the menu to this job entry and enter the appropriate option number to Work with.. the job, typically option 5.
    3. Utilize the menu options to review the job status.
  2. Query the process status in the command line.
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Start of changeIn the example of Start, the script is executed by invoking the IBM PASE for System i (qp2shell) in the SBMJOB command. Hence, in this case, the following steps can also help to check the status :
  1. On the IBM System i, sign on to a green screen command line.
  2. b) Enter the PASE shell environment. On the green screen command line, enter the following command:
    call qp2term
  3. On the PASE shell, type the following command:
    ps –ef | grep NCServ
    Note: NCServiceManager is the name of the Java program that runs the service manager.
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Start of changeIf the command detects that the Service manager is running, it will provide an output that would look like the following :
		> ps -ef | grep NCServ                                                         
		  kushald 3146    1   0 15:23:30      -  0:00 /QHCL/ProdData/OS400/Java400/jFr
		  omPASE java -classpath
		  ar -DFIPS=on
		  s.admin.NCServiceManager /QHCL/ProdData/Z and I Emulator for Web                         
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Note: Start of changeThe PASE shell is case-sensitive. Hence, it is important to maintain the correct case of alphabets in command (step c).End of change