Hints and tips for archive files

The following hints and tips might provide helpful information about using archive files:
  • When you create your archive (.jar), verify that the path of each class file is correct. For example, the path for com.mycompany.MyClass should be com\mycompany\. It should not be C:\MyTestDirectory\com\mycompany\, and it should not be blank (since the class file is part of a package).
  • Verify that the proper permissions are set for your archive files. That is, in operating systems that use file permissions, such as Linux, AIX, Unix, and z/OS, the file permissions for the archive files should be set to 755 (that is, rwxr-xr-x).
  • If you have two different client pages that specify different AdditionalArchives parameters, you need to close and restart the browser when switching from one page to another. Otherwise, when you switch from one page to another, the client is not reloaded and, as a result, the AdditionalArchives parameter is not checked.