Supported Database On-Demand code pages

The following table lists the supported Database On-Demand client code page languages, the corresponding .jar file names, and the component names:

Code page language .JAR file name Component name
Arabic hacpar.jar HACPAR
Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian hacpce.jar HACPCE
Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish hacp1b.jar HACP1B
German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese hacp1a.jar HACP1A
Greek hacpgr.jar HACPGR
Hebrew hacphe.jar HACPHE
Japanese hacpja.jar HACPJA
Korean hacpko.jar HACPKO
Russian hacpru.jar HACPRU
Simplified Chinese hacpzh.jar HACPZH
Thai hacpth.jar HACPTH
Turkish hacptr.jar HACPTR
Traditional Chinese hacptw.jar HACPTW