Set up a separate File System for the Z and I Emulator for Web private directory

When Z and I Emulator for Web is installed, files in the /usr/lpp/ZIEWeb/zieforweb/private directory are updated in an execution environment, not just by manufacturing refresh releases. Because this directory is now updated during the Z and I Emulator for Web software's execution, you are recommended to mount a separate (non-service) File System. You can do this in one of the following ways:

If you are using LDAP and native authentication, manually copy the HODrapd and the /keys directory to the system-specific /private directory.

When the system-specific /private directory is mounted, it overlays but does not destroy the master /private directory. When maintenance releases are applied, use the master /private directory. If these files are changed, copy them to the system-specific /private directory.