Before installing ZIEWeb on IBM iSeries

Installation of Z and I Emulator for Web on IBM iSeries platforms is supported through the console mode of Installation Manager. The GUI mode of installation is not available on IBM iSeries.

Additional notes before Z and I Emulator for Web installation on IBM iSeries are listed below:
  • Ensure that IBM Installation Manager V1.8.3 or higher is installed and it must be installed in the Administrator mode. You are recommended to follow the documentation of IBM Installation Manager for further details. Information on installing Installation Manager V1.8.3 is available at: Installing Installation Manager on IBM i.
  • Installation is performed by a user with the administrator or the root privileges.
To begin the installation, you need to perform the following tasks:
  1. Copy the Z and I Emulator for Web ESD zip files to the IBM i from FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or by any regular means and Extract the zip file.
  2. Open the Installation Manager and configure a repository by providing the complete path to the diskTag.inf file that is in the Z and I Emulator for Web disk.
  3. Proceed with the remaining steps, as provided in the console mode installation.