Setting the Code base

To set the code base when creating an HTML using the Deployment Wizard, do the following:
  1. On the Additional Options window, click Advanced Options and go to the Other branch in the tree view.
  2. Type the relative path /zieweb/ in the Code base field.
  3. Save the HTML file to the default Z and I Emulator for Web publish directory your_install_directory\ZIEWeb.
The HTML file is now located in the same directory with the Z and I Emulator for Web's archive files.

Code base refers to the installed Z and I Emulator for Web publish directory and not the directory where Deployment Wizard files are published. Although you can enter a fully qualified URL in the Code base field, we strongly recommend that you enter the relative path /zieweb/ for the default publish directory when modifying session properties dynamically. If you enter a fully qualified URL, any users who specify the host name in a different manner than you specified as the Code base will not be able to access the files, even if the DNS entries resolve to the same IP address.